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  • btc = $64 347.00 106.67 (0.17 %)

  • eth = $3 514.90 12.20 (0.35 %)

  • ton = $7.61 0.47 (6.56 %)

1 Jun, 2024
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This update is designed to make messaging on Telegram more engaging and efficient, offering users new ways to interact and manage their content.

Message Effects

In 1-on-1 chats, users can now send messages with animated effects that play when the recipient opens the chat. Six effects are available for free, with Telegram Premium offering hundreds more. To use these effects, press and hold the Send arrow and select the desired animation.

Captions Above Media

Users can move captions above media in their messages. To do this, select media, type a caption, hold the Send arrow, and choose 'Move Caption Up.' This can also be done when editing media or albums.

Quick Actions for Phone Numbers

Tapping a phone number in a chat now opens a redesigned menu, providing options to send a message, start a call, or add the number as a contact with a single tap.

Hashtag Search

Hashtags in Telegram have gone global. Tapping a hashtag in any chat will show search results from public channels, allowing users to quickly find relevant content.

Global hashtag search is limited to messages from large public channels, ensuring privacy for messages from private chats.

Collapsible Quotes

Users can now hide parts of their messages within collapsible quote blocks, making long texts more manageable. Readers can expand the quotes to read the full text or skip through them more easily.

Colorful Calls on macOS

Following their introduction on Android and iOS, dynamic backgrounds and stylish animations are now available for voice and video calls on Telegram's native macOS app, enhancing the visual experience while using fewer resources.

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