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21 May, 2023
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Discover the mesmerizing fusion of art and neuroscience in Sarah McDaniel's Inner Landscapes project, where she delves into the intricacies of the human brain through a captivating blend of scientific data and computer graphics.

Sarah McDaniel, who goes under the name Yonk in the artworld, works with 2D, stop motion, and live action, married with CGI to tell abstract stories of the various subjects she explores in neuroscience. At the beginning of her career, she gained popularity as a model thanks to her multicolored eyes. She also appeared in music videos of prominent musicians such as Mark Ronson and G-Eazy, as well as served as the cover girl for Playboy magazine in 2016.

Sarah McDaniel (Yonk) // designer and creator working with 2D, stop motion, and live action

For a year Sarah has been devoting lots of time and effort to studying neurobiology and specifically to how human brains change in different emotional states. The Inner Landscapes project blends scientific data gathered from the MRI scans with computer graphics. As a result, Yonk created artworks that demonstrate peculiarities of the human brain during different activities, thus attracting more attention to this topic.

Can you tell about your Inner Landscapes project in more details? What’s the idea you’re trying to convey and what are the origins of this idea?

With InnerLandscapes, I wanted to explore what different peoples worlds look like through their perception. Everyone has a completely different reality based off of their personal life experience ad I think that’s fascinating.

You’ve been exploring human brain and neuroscience through the prism of art. What inspired you to dive deeper into these topics? How are your interests reflected in your artworks?

I started studying the brain to understand myself better, being someone who has battled with depression and anxiety to major degrees I dove into science and meditation practices to look behind the curtain on how I could self heal my mind.

Through this process I naturally started crystallizing what I learned into visuals and now my goal is to highlight the complexity of the mind and how reality itself is subjective

How do you define art? What were your first steps as an artist? How did you transform from the sphere of modeling into being an artist?

My definition of art is probably different than others. I think for me art is a crystallization of a moment, a struggle a lesson something beautiful that opened how you see the world, sharing those precious moments of life in a form that we translate to the world through our own unique expressions.

What are some other areas or topics you would like to explore in art?

I would love to explore more of science/art crossover exploration. The human body as art really interests me. I also am fascinated with stained glass right now and hope to do massive glass installations in nature.

How did you learn about TON Diamonds and why did you choose this marketplace? How is this collaboration going for you?

TON Diamonds Marketplace on the TON blockchain for high quality NFT collections and digital artists with privileges for holders.

I discovered TON through Ellen Sheidlin (another artist on Ton) and was so inspired by how she was moving through the Web3 world, she and her husband helped me to get in contact with them and create together!

What's in use — Ellen Sheidlin // Durov's Code →

Ellen Sheidlin // digital artist

You’ve filmed a video to promote your Inner Landscapes video. What was the shooting process like? Any backstage insides?

Actually one of the best shooting experiences I’ve had to date. The DP Yanchi was incredible he made the whole team so at ease and he saw my vision so clearly.

What are your thoughts on TON Blockchain and what do you see as its main advantages?

I see it as an advantage because the artists involved are extremely advanced and multifaceted. They are striving to innovate and create a solid foundation to grow from.

What’s your opinion on NFTs and the future of this technology? Do you plan to continue developing in this direction?

I am curious to continue to use NFT’s to build my own world and create from an unlimited place by going through the blockchain.

What are your expectations from the Focus Art Fair exhibition that will be held in New York during 18-21 May?

I really have no expectation. I’m just happy to share my art and hope to have more opportunity in the future to improve and share more!
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