15 Feb, 2024
1 min time to read

Tesla's latest software update, 2024.2.6, introduces three features to help owners deal with cold weather issues. These updates come after some Tesla cars faced battery problems during extreme cold.

The first feature tells drivers when their battery will be warm enough for fast charging, helping them plan charging stops better. The second feature includes an automatic defrost function for the charge port, which activates when drivers navigate to a charging station using the car's navigation feature.

Furthermore, the update brings improvements to battery range estimates, particularly for older Tesla vehicles. Previously, range estimates did not consider external factors such as driving history or temperature for newer models. The latest update now recognizes battery age when estimating range, which is a positive step towards more accurate performance predictions.

However, amidst these updates, Tesla Cybertruck owners are expressing concerns about possible corrosion problems. Owners have reported instances of rusting after being exposed to rain, with some vehicles showing orange spots or signs of rust after a relatively short time.

Notably, Cybertruck documentation recognizes the possibility of corrosion due to the lack of a protective clear coat on the metal body, although stainless steel is generally less vulnerable to rusting than other metals.