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7 Feb, 2023
2 min time to read

With the recent update Telegram has finally added the possibility to get an annual Premium subscription.

There is also a big discount for the annual plan, which makes it much cheaper than monthly subscription. The discount is about 45% depending on the location of a user. Switching to the annual plan is also possible for current subscribers.

How to get a discount with an annual plan? Here are two manuals for new subscribers and existing ones.

For new subscribers

Russian users can pay for their subscription with Apple ID (iOS) and with the official bot @PremiumBot. Pay attention: the fee from Apple ID is considerably higher because of Apple’s commissions, so we strongly recommend using the bot. Android users from Russia can only pay for the subscription with the official @PremiumBot.

In order to subscribe send the /start command and then press the button Switch to annual. Then pay the bill provided by the bot. It is possible to pay with russian credit cards, MIR included. There can be some difficulties, however, in that case try again later or try another card. The subscription will activate in 5-10 minutes.

If the bot gives an error

If you see an error after starting the bot, try to open it with another version of the messenger.

  • Android users can download the app from the official Telegram web page, which has no interaction with the Play Market and provides no errors.
  • iOS users, and Android users as well, can pay for the subscription in the web version or PC-version.

For current subscribers

If you have a current Premium subscription, you can still switch to the annual plan without waiting for the current plan to terminate.

Open the Premium bot and send the /upgrade command. The bot will send you the bill, after the payment the subscription will switch from monthly to annual. The countdown of the annual period will automatically start from the end of the current tariff plan, the remaining days will not be lost.

Pay attention: the /upgrade command will be unavailable, if you subscribed with AppStore or PlayMarket. In that case, you will have to cancel the subscription in the app market and wait till it runs out.

If the bot answers “You already have an active subscription” after the /upgrade command, the function is yet unavailable for your account, try again later.