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  • btc = $67 376.00 - 327.98 (-0.48 %)

  • eth = $3 519.65 -34.60 (-0.97 %)

  • ton = $7.04 0.14 (2.07 %)

4 Feb, 2023
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Telegram released its first update in 2023. It includes many new features, like profile photo maker, emoji categories, entire chat translations, and more.

Profile Picture Maker

Now in the mobile version of Telegram, any stickers and animated emoji can be turned into a profile picture for a personal account, group or channel. Previously, this function was only available to MacOS users.

In addition, it is now possible to set or suggest avatars for contacts in Telegram.

Emoji Categories

In the stickers and emoji panel, gif and reaction menus, as well as statuses, there is a search by category - for example, for emoji 👍 and ❤️.

Hold any emoji to zoom in and get better look before sending.

Automatic Chat Translation

Premium subscription users can now translate all foreign-language chats, groups, and channels in real-time by tapping a special button at the top of the screen.

By clicking on the "Translate" pop-up button, all foreign-language channel, group, or personal chat content will be translated automatically. The function can be enabled in the settings section "Language" - in a separate item "Message translation".

By the way, the new update increases the discount for purchasing Telegram Premium for a year to 40%.

Network Usage

The updated Network Usage section includes pie charts with detailed statistics about how the Telegram app uses Wi-Fi and mobile traffic.

Auto-Save Incoming media

The settings allow selecting chats, the media from which will be automatically saved to the gallery of the device, as well as to set the size and type of saved media files.

Granular Media Permissions

Administrators of group chats will be able to configure more accurately the restrictions on sending media and messages.

Now admins can prohibit sending photos, videos, audio, files, voice/video messages separately. For example, it is possible now to disable text messages and create media-only groups.

Chat Selection for Bots

Bot developers can now embed buttons in bots to quickly select groups, channels, or people according to preset criteria.

Re-Login with Apple and Goggle ID

Users can now easily sign in with Apple or Google ID without entering an SMS code. In case of a two-step authentication it will still be requested.

New Custom Emoji

Telegram has again prepared 10 new sets of emoji. This time, they also included several hundred images specifically created for profile, group, or channel photos.

Interactive emojis have also been added for 🦄🙊💊😘💘🙉. If you send such an emoji to a 1-on-1 chat with a separate message and then click on it, you can see a full-screen animation simultaneously with your partner.

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