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  • btc = $68 508.00 - 713.30 (-1.03 %)

  • eth = $3 851.20 -24.28 (-0.63 %)

  • ton = $6.48 0.11 (1.74 %)

19 Apr, 2024
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Pavel Durov, CEO of Telegram, Andrew Rogozov, CEO of The Open Platform, and Paolo Ardoino, CEO of Tether (USDT), delivered a joint session at the Token 2049 conference.

Here are the important points from the speech.

During his speech Pavel Durov spoke about some realized plans and future prospects. He reminded about the revenue sharing initiative, under which 50% of advertising revenue will be received by channel authors in TON.

  • The head of Telegram emphasized that channel owners will start receiving the first payments from advertising in TON from today.
  • In the future, this model may spread to other sections of the messenger. For example, in the future, similar monetization may appear in public groups.
  • According to Durov, today it is so important to abandon models that resemble digital slavery.

Durov drew attention to the need to realize the possibility of creating stores and seamlessly receiving payments from users within Telegram.

  • He said that very soon users will have the opportunity to buy digital goods and services in Telegram.
  • In addition, starting next week, users will be able to tip content creators in cryptocurrency - contentmakers will then receive 70% of income.

According to Durov, about 360 million people use Mini Apps in Telegram every month. To double this figure, it is planned to start recommending mini-apps and bots. The messenger may have a tool for creating mini-apps, and bots can be developed without knowing the code.

The head of Telegram also reminded about the possibility of owning usernames. He told about his recent unsuccessful attempt to buy the desired username through Fragment, but stressed that tokenization of important user elements does not end here.

  • According to Durov, the next step that Telegram is going to take after tokenization of user names is tokenization of stickers.
  • The head of Telegram announced the possibility of buying and selling stickers in the form of NFT. The commission on such transactions will be 5%. This means that the creators of packs can receive income from their work in the form of 95% royalties.
  • At the same time, such an experiment could potentially extend to emoji.

Paolo Ardoino focused much of his presentation on the development of Tether and the challenges of the traditional banking environment. According to him, Tether has successfully celebrated its tenth anniversary, with the company among the largest holders of U.S. Treasury bonds.

  • According to Ardoino, Tether aims to create products that meet the needs of the cryptocurrency community and simplify the lives of those who cannot use the services of the traditional banking system.
  • He also pointed out that USDT is particularly popular in countries where high inflation has been noticed.
  • Tether wants to expand its influence and the company shares the principles of freedom. Ardoino also pointed out that there are many blockchains that could be integrated with. One of the rare ecosystems that can be found is TON.

The founder of Tether announced the integration of USDT into TON. He backed up his decision to integrate a stablecoin by believing in the TON ecosystem as a true follower of Telegram's principles. At the same time, Ardoino considers Durov's messenger a great platform for popularizing cryptocurrency.

@wallet has officially announced the ability to send dollars (USDT) instantly and commission-free to contacts in Telegram. USDT withdrawals to external TON wallets will be completely free until the end of June.

At the same time, @wallet users will be able to become members of the Bonus program for USDT holders, receiving 50% annual interest on the balance.