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  • btc = $70 140.00 551.60 (0.79 %)

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30 Oct, 2023
2 min time to read

Telegram presented the October update, which brings a lot of cool features.

Reply Revolution

Now you can quote a certain part of the conversation partner's message when replying, and the quoted text will be highlighted when you switch from the reply.

To quote part of a message, you need to tap on the original message on Android or hold it on iOS, highlight the desired text and select "Quote".

Replies can now also be sent to other private chats, groups or a channel. When you tap on the quoted text, the original message will open in the chat in which it was posted, but if the user has access to it.

Users can also format any text of their message as a quote by adding several quoted pieces to it at once.

Settings for links, as well as options for replies, forwarding messages, and previewing links

You can now change the look of links in your posts by placing the link preview above or below the post text, changing the size of the photo in the post, and selecting a link to preview if there are multiple links in the post.

Clicking on links has become even easier, Telegram assures - now you just need to click anywhere in the preview area.

At the same time, a context menu has been added for new features - it is available when replying to a message, forwarding it, adding a link, or if all this is done at the same time.

Account Colors

Telegram Premium users can choose their personal color or a combination of multiple colors for their name in all groups, as well as the links they send and the quotes of their messages in replies.

User can also choose any one-color emoji in adaptive icon format to be displayed in the background of message replies.

To set an account color on Android, go to Settings > Chat Settings > Change Name Color. On iOS, go to Settings > Appearance > Your Name Color.

These settings are also available for channels that have been boosted to Level 5 or higher.

Story Improvements

Stories can now be fast-forwarded or rewound by holding down on the screen and then swiping left or right.

At the same time, the flash for the front camera appeared in the Stories. The new feature has flexible brightness and color settings.

To adjust the warmth and intensity of the flash, hold the ⚡ icon when using the front-facing camera for a story.

In addition, the first time you open a story, you now see a tooltip with the basic navigation gestures used when browsing.

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