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2 Sep, 2022
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Telegram has released a Beta version number 8.9.3 (27839) of its Android app. We found all the innovations there.

Custom status

In the Beta version, it is now possible to set custom emojis as a profile status. This feature will be available only to Telegram Premium users.

The messenger offers the ability to set any emoji as a status. It is assumed that the status will be seen both in the profile and near the username in group chats. The Beta Info channel was the first to pay attention to this function. Durov's Code found out that if you check the profile of a person with a custom status, you can see the phrase "*Username* set this emoji from *sticker pack name* as their current status."

By the way, if the user has not set the status, then in group chats, by default, the Telegram Premium branded star mark will be displayed right in the chat.

Custom reactions

Durov's Code discovered that Telegram, apparently, plans to provide users with the opportunity to leave reactions in the form of any emoji — standard, custom and animated.

In the Beta version for Android, you need to click on the message, click on the corresponding button and select an emoji. When you click on it, the application will display the corresponding reaction animation, which is automatically generated from this emoji.

What is more important, the user has the opportunity to put several reactions for one message at once. Telegram has also allowed to send complaints against users for spam reactions.

Custom reactions will be fully available exclusively to Telegram Premium subscribers, however, users without a subscription will be provided with up to 35 free animated emojis for reactions.

New animation in the app

Telegram is trying to improve the experience with its Android app. In the latest beta version, a new animation of opening photos, videos and files has been found.

It looks very nice and is typical of the general style of transitions from one section to another.

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