19 Jun, 2022
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Employing quantum charging would lead to a 200 times speedup in a typical EV, which means that the charging time would be cut from 10 hours to about 3 minutes (at home), or 30 minutes to 9 seconds at a charging station.

First proposed in 2012, the concept of “quantum battery” can vastly speed up the battery charging process by charging all cells within the battery simultaneously in a collective manner. This is a great advantage compared to classical batteries, where the cells are charged in parallel and independently of one another.

Recently, scientists from the Center for Theoretical Physics of Complex Systems further explored these questions. The group provided an explicit way of designing such batteries, as well as precisely quantifying how much charging speed can be achieved in this scheme.

Although quantum technologies are still in their infancy, researchers say that consequences can be far-reaching and that the implications of quantum charging can go well beyond electric cars and consumer electronics.