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  • btc = $65 049.00 214.84 (0.33 %)

  • eth = $3 526.54 -5.81 (-0.16 %)

  • ton = $7.13 0.23 (3.34 %)

13 Nov, 2022
5 min time to read

On October 27, Pavel Durov announced the launch of a special platform Fragment, which allows buying and selling Telegram usernames through auctions.

These are usernames that can be used for accounts, groups and channels. At the first stage, users are allowed to bid on the most unique usernames, which can already be worth more than $300,000. But the main aim is to allow everyone to secure ownership of their usernames:

For the first time in the history of social media, a fair, transparent market for usernames is established. Finally people will have ownership over their social media addresses, secured in the immutable ledger of a decentralized blockchain network, Pavel Durov said.

This speaks to the possibility of redeeming usernames that are valuable to oneself or, conversely, putting unwanted ones up for sale. Importantly, all names are placed on the TON blockchain, so no one can challenge the ownership rights of their owners. In a simple instruction, we tell you what you need to do in order to take part in the usernames auction.

Buying TON Cryptocurrency

In order to fully use the Fragment platform, you need to be authorized through your Telegram account and a Tonkeeper wallet. At the moment, the transactions are only in Toncoin cryptocurrency. Let's start with the main thing - understanding how to easily and quickly buy this cryptocurrency. The Telegram bot @wallet will help with this.

It can be used as a default cryptocurrency wallet. It is linked to your Telegram account. All management of the wallet in the bot can be done by /menu command.
  • After activating the Wallet, you can open the wallet itself in the bot by pressing the "Open Wallet" button;
  • Go to the bot's settings with the /menu command and click on the appropriate button to add it to the attachment menu;
This will allow you to conveniently use Wallet and send funds to the person without leaving the dialogue.
  • Click on the "P2P marketplace" button in the bot;
  • On the menu that opens, click "Buy from users";
  • At the top, set up a filter search – choose TON cryptocurrency, purchase currency and payment method;
  • Select the best offer you think is available;
The list of offers in the P2P marketplace is grouped by default from the lowest price for 1 Toncoin listed by sellers to the highest.
  • Enter the number of Toncoins you wish to purchase;
Pay attention to limits - you will not be able to buy more or less coins than the seller specifies.
  • Create a transaction and wait for the seller to be ready to cooperate;
  • Make payment using stated payment details after seller accepts transaction;
  • Confirm that you have transferred funds;
  • Wait for payment confirmation from the seller and receive your Toncoins.

Creating a Wallet on Tonkeeper

Tonkeeper is a multifunctional developing application, where besides Toncoin storage you can see the current rate, exchange currency, change address, find some convenient mechanisms of sending and receiving coins, store and view your NFT.

  • Go to the wallet's official website and download it to your mobile device - on Android or iOS;
  • Launch the app, start the wallet creation process: Tonkeeper will provide a secret key - a list of 24 words that are used for authorisation;
IMPORTANT: These words are your de-facto password, if you lose them you will lose access to your wallet - never give your phrase to anyone! Once you lose your secret words, it will be impossible to restore your wallet, so remember them carefully. Not only the words themselves are important, but also their order.
  • After verification the application will ask you to enter several words from the list, so the wallet is ready for use.

Transferring Toncoin into Tonkeeper

  • Enter Tonkeeper, press the "Get" button and copy the address;
  • Enter bot @wallet and press command /menu;
  • Select "My wallet" -> "Output" -> "TON";
  • In response to the message, "Send the address of your TON purse in the message" throw address;
  • Send the amount you plan to withdraw (for example, 10), or click on the button "Maximum amount";
  • Pay attention to the commission, check the accuracy of the address and confirm the transaction.

Participate in Fragment Auction

  • Now go to Fragment, authorize yourself both via Telegram and Tonkeeper Purse;
  • Select the username you wish to buy;
  • Click on "Place bid", select your bid amount and click on "Place a ...";
The site will automatically show the amount with the minimum step: for example, if the last bid was for TON 160,000 and the specified step is TON 8000, then the minimum that you can offer is TON 168,000.
  • Open Tonkeeper, click on the scanner icon in the top right corner and scan the QR code displayed in Fragment;
It's important to have a little more Toncoin on balance than the value of the username. Don't forget the online commissions - they are insignificant, around 0.01 TON.
  • You will see a confirmation window for the transaction - click "Confirm";
In case your bid has been overridden by a new one, you will receive a notification in Tonkeeper. In Telegram, you can receive it if you have subscribed to username alerts via a special bot - Fragment Auction Alerts.
  • After the conclusion of the auction you will receive the NFT on your Tonkeeper purse - you will see your new user name in the notification, and it will qualify as NFT.

Bind Your New Username to Telegram

  • Go to Fragment, log in with Telegram and Tonkeeper wallet;
  • Find the new section "My Assets" - there you will see your new username;
  • Click on "Assign to Telegram": a list opens with choices - your account, your groups and channels;
  • Choose what you want to assign the username to (for example, to your account) and press "Assign";
  • If you have chosen to assign a username to your account, go to Telegram Preferences.
  • Go to edit profile and "Username" section - here you will see your usernames, you may change the order they are displayed or hide them.
The same procedure is applied for linking new usernames to groups and channels. Note that you must always have the latest versions of Telegram and Tonkeeper.