FTX Hacker Splits $200 mln in ETH across 12 Wallets
FTX Hacker Splits $200 mln in ETH across 12 Wallets

FTX Hacker Splits $200 mln in ETH across 12 Wallets

22 november, 20222 minutes to read
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The hacker behind the theft of more than $447 million from the crypto exchange FTX has been spotted once again moving the funds.

According to Etherscan data, between 4:11 to 4:17 pm UTC on November 21, the attacker moved a total of 180,000 Ether across 12 newly created wallets — each receiving 15,000 ETH. The total amount moved totaled $199.3 million at current prices. In this way, he may be trying to confuse investigators, while they will be chaising many small accounts. Another option for the hacker is using a mixing service to obscure which coins actually belonged to FTX.

Hacker Who Stole $600 Million from FTX Begins Exchanging Ether to renBTC
In 2021, Alameda Research said the Ren development team is “joining” Alameda and will work to expand the use of Ren across multiple blockchains.

Meanwhile, some Ethereum users appear to have sent coded messages to the hacker asking for a share of the loot. One user registered the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domain name, “ftx-rekt200k-pls-help.eth” to express that they have lost money from the FTX collapse and to ask for a reimbursement from the hacker.

They sent 21 transactions of 0.000001 Ether to the hacker’s address in an attempt to get noticed.

Another user was even more creative. They registered the ENS domain, “pleasecheckutf8data.eth” and sent 12 transactions of 0.0001 ETH or less to the hacker’s wallet address. Inside each transaction was a UTF8 encoded message that said:

Please send me 100k~, I have medical bills to pay and visit the USA this coming December. I can't walk properly, and have aggressive muscle issues. Please help! I lost most of my money on FTX.

Both users didn't get any response from the hacker.

On November 20, the hacker transferred 50,000 ETH to a separate wallet and then converted it to Bitcoin using two separate renBTC bridges. As of today, the hacker is the 40th largest holder of ETH.

22 november, 2022
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