1 Aug, 2022
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5.5G network speed will be ten times faster than that of 5G network. It is expected to support the latest AI and Internet of Things innovations.

stc Bahrain, a telecom company based in Bahrain and owned by Saudi Telecom Company (stc), has announced plans to build the foundation for a 5.5G network in partnership with Huawei.

This was revealed during the quarterly board meeting, where Eng Nezar Banabeela, CEO of stc Bahrain, presented the company’s vision around the evolution of 5G and its ambitious plans to start building the foundation of a 5.5G network. He said:

As more intelligent applications and demands emerge, we want the infrastructure to be able to support a thriving digital ecosystem and setting the foundation of 5.5G, is critical to that future.

The announcement comes as part of stc Bahrain’s strategy to establish and develop the infrastructure to power the next version of 5G (5.5G) within the next three years. Currently, stc Bahrain’s 5G network covers all areas of Bahrain, which is already a big step in completing the kingdom’s Vision 2030 which implies building a world-class infrastructure that links Bahrain to the global economy.