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  • btc = $66 333.00 974.10 (1.49 %)

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23 Jun, 2023
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This international design competition recognizes excellence in three disciplines: Product Design, Brands & Communication Design, and Design Concept.

Organized by Red Dot GmbH & Co. KG, the Red Dot Design Award has a rich history dating back to 1954 when the "Verein Industrieform e. V." was established. Designers and companies from around the world submit their works for evaluation by an international jury.

This year, a total of 2,149 products were awarded the Red Dot Design Award, including 90 products recognized as the best of the best. Among the winners, here are some notable highlights:

1.Apple Watch Ultra: The Apple Watch Ultra impressed the jury with its bold design and a wide range of features designed for endurance, exploration and adventure. Built from aerospace-grade titanium, the watch is both durable and lightweight. The battery life has been extended: it lasts up to 36 hours with regular use, and the new low-power setting saves even more battery life.

"The first Apple Watch was a revolution," summed up the jury. "Then, the challenge the designers faced was how to keep taking it forward. Expectations were high, but this model is a successful evolution that doesn’t disappoint."

2.AUBO S Series Collaborative Robots: AUBO Robotics' S Series Collaborative Robots stand out for their innovative design and focus on safety. These robots are specifically developed for service sector scenarios and feature optimized control technology to prevent collisions and ensure user safety. Their appearance is customizable, allowing for effective integration into various service sector environments.

The jury praised the S Series' modern design style, technological color scheme, and safety improvements.

3.Electric Scooter SQi: Niu Design Team's SQi electric scooter aims to provide a smarter and more comfortable solution for urban mobility. With a design inspired by electric motorcycles, the SQi offers a riding experience similar to a motorbike while being functionally positioned between an e-bike and an e-moped. The scooter features an ultra-light magnesium alloy frame, a side-opening battery compartment, and a distinctive lighting system with an eye-catching halo headlight.

"The SQi is a futuristic two-wheeler that draws the eye. Its design breaks with the idea that an e-vehicle is merely the further development of a vehicle with a combustion engine. Instead, it defines a new language of form, a new style for this type of e-mobility, which could remain relevant for several years to come and is thus trend-setting," the jury said, explaining their decision.

4.Axe Series Fiskars X-series Axes: Fiskars' X-series Axes demonstrate the company's commitment to precision and user experience. With a focus on balance and optimizing swing speed, these axes improve handling and user strength. The development of the blades and a low-friction, stainless-steel coating further enhance performance. The FiberComp handle absorbs shock and offers superior overstrike protection, making the axe effortless to use.

The jury praised the X-series' ergonomic design, blade construction, and sophisticated details.

5.The Lake by Oru Kayak: Oru Kayak's The Lake showcases the art of origami in the form of a lightweight and foldable kayak. Inspired by the Asian art of folding, The Lake can be compressed, unfolded, and transformed into a functional boat in a remarkably efficient manner. The kayak's simplicity and ease of handling impressed the jury, as did its robust construction and ability to be folded and unfolded countless times. The innovative design appeals to beginners and enthusiasts alike, offering a portable and stylish watercraft.

These winners, along with numerous other exceptional designs, will be presented in exhibitions, yearbooks, and online platforms. The Red Dot Design Award not only recognizes outstanding design achievements but also provides designers and companies with the prestigious "Red Dot" quality label for their products and corporate communication.