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  • btc = $64 986.00 54.02 (0.08 %)

  • eth = $3 522.48 -30.36 (-0.85 %)

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30 Nov, 2023
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Telegram rolls out its latest update, version 10.3, bringing a set of new features to enhance user experience.

Similar Channels

Now, when user join a channel, Telegram makes it easier to find similar public channels based on similarities in their subscriber bases. A list of similar channels will be presented, simplifying the search process for users interested in related content.

User can also access Similar Channels from a channel's profile.

Reposting Stories

Users can now repost stories from friends and favorite channels with just two taps. This feature allows for additional content, such as text, audio or video comments, to increase the repost audience.

Only stories that are visible to 'Everyone' can be reposted.

Video Messages on Stories

Users can now add video messages when posting a story. These video messages can be resized, moved around the screen, and adjusted along the time axis, offering creative possibilities such as providing backstory or creating a video conversation with different characters.

To record a video message, user should hold the camera icon in the story editor. Hold on the video track at the bottom of the screen to control volume.

Profile Colors

Telegram Premium users can now set a unique color combination with logos for their profiles, allowing them to stand out. This feature adds a personalized touch to messages and profiles.

Wallpapers for Both Sides

Premium users can set custom wallpapers for both themselves and their chat partners, providing a common look and feel for both sides of the conversation.

Voice-to-Text for Everyone

The voice-to-text feature, once exclusive to Premium users, is now available for all users. Users can convert up to two messages per week into text by tapping the →A icon.

Story Stats for Channels

Channels with story posting capabilities can now access statistics for story views, shares, and reactions. Detailed graphs track the reach and performance of channel stories.

Custom Reactions for Channels

Channel admins now have an interface to manage reactions, allowing them to add or remove specific emoji. Channels can also include custom emoji as reactions, with one custom reaction for each level.

Code Highlighting in Messages

All Telegram apps can now automatically recognize the programming language in messages and highlight syntax when text is formatted as ```code```.

Improvements for Topics

Telegram is now able to memorize the display mode when viewing groups with topics - as a single chat or individual topics.

Thanos Snap Effects on iOS

The Telegram app for iOS now has an animation with this effect when messages are automatically deleted.

This update is already available for all iOS users and for everyone who downloaded Telegram for Android directly from telegram.org/android. The Google Play version is being reviewed by the store and will become available later.

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