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22 Sep, 2023
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The latest version 10.1 provides Telegram users with the option to add music and reaction stickers to Stories, as well as give Telegram channels the right to publish Stories.

Stories for Channels

The feature called "Boosts" enables users to grant their favorite channels the ability to post stories. Users can give boosts to channels, and as channels gain more boosts, they level up and can post additional stories per day to their subscribers' story feeds.

This feature puts Telegram users in control, allowing them to choose which channels can post stories and the frequency of those posts.

Users can move their boost to a different channel once every 24 hours, encouraging channels to keep their stories entertaining. Channels can request boosts from subscribers using a special link, and users can see how many boosts are needed to level up by going to Channel Info > More > Statistics > Boosts.

Admins with the relevant rights and a Telegram Premium subscription can post stories by tapping the Post Story Icon on the Channel Info page. They can also select a 'Post Story As' option when posting stories from their chat list.

Reaction Stickers in Stories and Custom Soundtracks

Both users and channels can now add reaction stickers to their stories, allowing viewers to respond with emoji in one tap. Stories posted by channels display reaction counters to show how many people chose each emotion. Users can add one reaction sticker to each story, while Premium users can add up to five.

Users can also choose audio files from their devices and add to photo and video stories, enabling custom soundtracks, narration, and more creative options. This feature allows users to create content with personalized audio tracks and effects.

View-Once Media

Telegram has enhanced its self-destructing media feature, allowing users to set a time limit for how long a photo or video will be visible after opening, ranging from View Once to 30 seconds.

View-Once media is permanently deleted from the chat when the recipient opens it, and saving or taking screenshots won't work for this type of media.

New Login Alerts for Enhanced Security

Telegram now sends notifications to all user devices whenever someone logs into their account. These login alerts are displayed prominently at the top of the chat list. Users can tap "No, it's not me!" to secure their account if they didn't initiate the login. Additionally, users can review all devices with access to their messages in the Settings menu.

For added security, users can enable Two-Step Verification in Settings > Privacy and Security > Two-Step Verification.

And More

This update also includes bug fixes, optimizations, and performance improvements for both iOS and Android users.

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