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  • btc = $69 069.00 - 460.83 (-0.66 %)

  • eth = $3 728.23 -17.79 (-0.47 %)

  • ton = $6.51 0.15 (2.42 %)

12 Aug, 2022
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The Telegram team has released an update that introduces the ability to gift Telegram Premium to another user, a new emoji creation platform, animated emoji, authoring emoji sets and voice message blocking.

Voice and video message settings

This is one of the most anticipated features that Telegram Premium users have been asking for. Premium users will now be able to block interlocutors from sending voice and video messages.

The setting is flexible, allowing you to specify who can send such messages: "Everyone", "My contacts" or "Nobody". You can also set exceptions by adding individual users or groups who will always or never be able to send voice messages.

Telegram Premium as a gift

From now on, subscriptions can be shared with family, friends and colleagues. Prepaid subscriptions are available for 3, 6 or 12 months, with a discounted gift available in each case.

To gift someone Telegram Premium, you need to open the user's account, click on the three dots and select the appropriate item "Gift Premium". The gift will be delivered as a message with an animated gift box.
From dextop or in the Android client downloaded from the Telegram website, making a subscription for yourself or a gift is possible using @PremiumBot.

Custom animated emoji

Telegram has introduced a platform for creating new emoji. Users can upload their own sets with unique characters for Premium users.
These emoji can be added directly into the text of messages or photo and video captions to convey any emotion. You can even do it in the middle of a sentence

Premium users have already received the first 10 animated sets with more than 500 emoji. The messenger promises to add new sets and emoji regularly.
The animated emoji work is simple - as you type a message, the sticker bar icon changes to an emoji button. From there you can add them to your text.

More interactive emoji

Telegram said that many popular emoji and their from custom kits can be interacted with in private chats: if either of the interlocutors clicks on a message with an emoji, both chat participants will simultaneously see a full-screen animation.

The list of animated emoji with full-screen animation has expanded this time too - adding 🍌,🤨,⚡️,💔,🏆 and 😐. Simply send one of the emoji in a separate message to your personal chat and then click on it. The innovation will soon be available for more than just Premium users.

Telegram's new sticker panel on iOS

It has been redesigned to allow quick and easy switching between sections with stickers, emoji and GIFs. It works in the Android, desktop and web apps of Telegram.

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