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  • btc = $61 015.00 -2 586.35 (-4.07 %)

  • eth = $2 965.48 - 119.62 (-3.88 %)

  • ton = $5.92 -0.49 (-7.69 %)

1 Apr, 2024
2 min time to read

Telegram has rolled out a significant update, introducing over eight new features aimed at enhancing business communication on the platform.

The update includes the launch of Telegram Business, allowing users to easily access business features without the need for coding skills.

Among the key features introduced in the update is the ability for businesses to display their operating hours and location on a map, providing users with essential information on when and where to find them.

Additionally, businesses can now customize their start page for empty chats, enabling them to showcase product or services information to customers.

The update also includes the introduction of quick replies, allowing businesses to send preset messages containing text, links, stickers, and media with just a tap.

Furthermore, businesses can set greeting messages for users contacting them for the first time, ensuring they receive an instant reply with important information or a friendly hello.

For added automation, businesses can set away messages to be sent when they are closed or on vacation, providing customers with information on when to expect a response.

The update also introduces tags for chats, enabling businesses to label chats with unique tags based on their status, needs, or priority level.

Moreover, businesses can now create links to chat, making it easier for customers to reach out for reservations or inquiries. These links can be used both inside and outside of Telegram, with each link tracking its performance in terms of engagement.

Lastly, the update introduces chatbots for businesses, allowing them to connect Telegram bots to process and answer messages on their behalf. This opens up new possibilities for businesses to automate and improve their communication with Telegram users.

All these features are currently available for free to Premium subscribers, with more updates for businesses expected in the future.

Users can access Telegram Business features in Settings > Telegram Business

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