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  • btc = $56 730.00 5 775.24 (11.33 %)

  • eth = $3 258.79 216.90 (7.13 %)

  • ton = $2.18 0.06 (2.75 %)

8 Mar, 2023
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The new version saves battery, works better on less powerful Android devices and introduces a flexible setting for media playback speed and voice messages.

Power saving mode

The new mode enables you to turn off flashy animations and visual effects to save battery power and improve performance on less powerful devices. Some effects can be turned off selectively, and you can also set Telegram to automatically turn on power saving at a certain battery level.

The messenger team does not recommend iOS users disabling chat updates in the background, because in this case the 'Updating...' inscription will appear on the screen much more often.

As for Android users, Telegram team claims they have picked the optimal default settings by manually testing Telegram's performance on more than 200 different models of devices to ensure all users get the best experience.

Granular Playback Speed

Videos, podcasts and voice messages can now run at any speed from 0.2x to 2.5x.

Read Time in Small Groups

In groups under 100 people, you can now see when messages have been read by each of the participants. According to Telegram's idea, this will make collaboration in small teams easier.

Auto-Send Invite Link

Now, if a user has banned invitations to groups in the privacy settings, the messenger will automatically offer to send him an invitation link when he tries to do so.

Invite links now show previews in chats so that you can see where they lead at a glance.

Dynamic Order for Sticker Packs

You can now disable the Dynamic Pack Order option for the sticker bar.

Translated Bot Descriptions

Bot developers can now fully localize their bots, in particular, to translate the bot description and the 'What can this bot do?' section into different languages.

Improved folder support on iOS

iOS users can now mark all chats in a folder as read with one click, as well as to use folders to quickly find the desired chat when forwarding messages. For Android users, this will appear in a future update.

New animated Emoji

This update includes ten new packs of custom emoji for Telegram premium users.

New Interactive Emoji and Reactions

The Great Bug Hunt

Telegram has fixed more than 400 known bugs in Telegram apps for different platforms.

Where to find this update

Android users can get the new version with these features from Google Play or directly from Telegram. If you're on iOS, you'll have to wait for Apple to finish reviewing this update.
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