Seven More iOS 16 Features to Not Miss out
Seven More iOS 16 Features to Not Miss out

Seven More iOS 16 Features to Not Miss out

8 june, 20223 minutes to read
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After Apple presented iOS 16 this Monday, the company released the first beta-version of the mobile OS for developers, including 7 features previously undisclosed.

Firstly, Apple Face ID now works in horizontal mode. Since the release of the iPhone X (more than 5 years ago) users have been looking forward to the possibility of being able to unlock their iPhones with Face ID by holding the device horizontally as this feature was available only in the iPad Pro. For now, however, this function is still only available in iPhone 13 lineup. The devices chip does not work in iPhone 12 and earlier versions of iPhone - at least it is true for the first beta of iOS 16.

Secondly, Live Text, which allows you to copy text in images, photos and videos, firstly appeared in iOS 15 with Russian language missing in the list of languages for identification. With iOS 16 Russian language support has finally arrived.

What is more, forgetting your home or guest Wi-Fi password is no longer a problem. Thanks to iOS 16 you can see the password in a few taps, provided that you are currently connected to this network. In order to do this, go to Settings - Wi-Fi - The desired network and tap on the line "Password". After unlocking with Face ID, Touch ID or entering the passcode, the Wi-Fi key will be displayed.

Besides, recently deleted and hidden photos and videos receive additional protection from prying eyes. Apple continues to care about user privacy - now two "sensitive" sections in the Photos app, such as "Recently Deleted" and "Hidden" are additionally protected by biometrics. To enter them, you need to scan your finger or use Face ID - knowing your password is insufficient.Previously, hidden content did not only appear in the shared feed and memories, but could also be seen by anyone using your unlocked smartphone.

In this context it must be mentioned that previously, in order to close certain vulnerabilities, Apple had to release full-fledged OS updates. Starting from iOS 16 security patches can be installed independently from the whole system update. The corresponding setting can be disabled in the auto-update settings.

Moreover, iOS 16 provides a built-in search for duplicate photos and their merging. In Photos users now can find a new "Duplicates" section among the albums, which allows you to quickly delete duplicate photos.

Last but not least, iOS 16 introduces haptic keyboard response, thus, giving the keyboard an ability of tactile response. You can find this feature by going to: Settings - Sounds, Haptic Signals - Keyboard Response.

Still, the first beta of iOS 16 hides a lot of bugs. For instance, some developers claim the camera in their smartphones stopped working, while their colleagues complain they faced a bloated battery.

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8 june, 2022
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