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6 Jun, 2023
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Apple revealed its highly anticipated mixed reality headset, the Apple Vision Pro.

The slim and sleek headset, priced at $3,499, is designed to redefine spatial computing and offer new possibilities for users.

During the keynote, Apple CEO Tim Cook emphasized the significance of the Vision Pro, comparing it to the Mac and iPhone in terms of innovation and impact. The device is designed to seamlessly integrate both virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), combining the best of both worlds.

Equipped with advanced passthrough cameras, the Vision Pro delivers a fully immersive AR experience. It incorporates cutting-edge hand and eye tracking technology, allowing users to interact naturally within the virtual environment. The headset supports a wide range of popular Apple apps.

Controlling the system is intuitive, with users employing familiar gestures like pinching and flicking. Hand movements do not need to be in front of the camera for interaction, and voice commands are available for web searches. Additionally, users can connect a keyboard and mouse for added convenience or project a MacBook screen in front of them.

Users inside the headset can see people in their surroundings, while an external screen displays their eye movements, allowing others to follow along.

The Vision Pro is powered by Apple's powerful M2 processor and a newly developed R1 chip. These components handle the spatial data collected by the external cameras, as well as the eye-tracking functionality facilitated by an invisible LED light. The headset is equipped with multiple sets of sensors, including side cameras, downward cameras, TrueDepth cameras, and a LiDAR scanner.

Featuring MicroOLED screens, the lenses deliver an impressive 23 million pixels and incorporate three 3D lenses to provide a comprehensive field of view. While Apple did not disclose specifics, the Vision Pro supports high-quality 4K video.

The device operates on the visionOS operating system, offering developers an open platform to create innovative applications. Beyond productivity and utility, the headset aims to enhance the movie-watching experience, with plans for more 3D movies and collaborations with industry giants like the Walt Disney Company.

With the App Store on Apple Vision Pro, it’s easy for users to discover new apps or access hundreds of thousands of familiar iPhone and iPad apps at a larger-than-life scale.

Vision Pro users can customize their virtual space, adjusting the depth and location of apps to suit their preferences. A dial allows for seamless transitions between different environments, from a cozy living room to breathtaking outdoor landscapes. The headset also incorporates spatial audio through advanced "audio ray tracing", mapping the user's room to provide realistic sound effects from various directions.

A twist of the Digital Crown lets a user control how present or immersed they are in an environment.

Comfort and extended usage were key considerations during the headset's development. Apple assures users that the Vision Pro is lightweight and comfortable for prolonged sessions, though long-term testing is required to assess potential eye strain issues commonly associated with VR devices.

During the showcase, Apple revealed the inclusion of an external battery to be worn in a pocket, ensuring extended usage throughout the day. However, the battery life of the headset alone is limited, requiring charging.

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