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  • btc = $70 878.00 116.44 (0.16 %)

  • eth = $3 531.91 -48.34 (-1.35 %)

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24 May, 2023
3 min time to read

Adobe unveiled Generative Fill in Photoshop, bringing Adobe Firefly generative AI capabilities directly into design workflows.

The new Firefly-powered Generative Fill is the world’s first co-pilot in creative and design workflows, giving users a magical new way to work by easily adding, extending or removing content from images non-destructively in seconds using simple text prompts.

Adobe Unveils Future of Creative Cloud With Generative AI as a Creative Co-Pilot in Photoshop →

This beta release of Photoshop is Adobe’s first Creative Cloud application to deeply integrate Firefly with an exciting roadmap ahead that will transform workflows across Creative Cloud, Document Cloud, Experience Cloud and Adobe Express.

What is it and how do you work with it?

To start with, Generative Fill is part of the Firefly service of generative artificial intelligence models launched by Adobe six weeks ago. Ashley Still, senior vice president, Digital Media at Adobe:

By integrating Firefly directly into workflows as a creative co-pilot, Adobe is accelerating ideation, exploration and production for all of our customers.


Generative Fill is also available today as a module within the Firefly beta app →

Photoshop’s Generative Fill feature is available in the desktop beta app today and will be generally available in the second half of 2023.

So what can this Generative Fill do

Let's take Pavel Durov's stunning portrait as an example.

The founder of Telegram shared three new photos on Instagram →

Let's say we have an image that lacks air and wants to add more.

I would like to see Pavel's feet, finish the tomb of Qasr al-Farid and a little more of the Saudi Arabian desert.

Run Generative Fill to fill in the white area around the photo. There are three options, you can choose from them or generate more.

Great! Let's go further! Remove the building in the background to leave only the desert and clear sky, add water and a palm-shaped umbrella.

What if... Making a winter landscape.

Sad trees in the background, shall we put up a Christmas tree?

Standing naked in -25°C is bad enough, let's get Paul dressed!

This is what I got in 10 minutes with Adobe's Generative Fill.

If you would like to try it too, visit a special page you can read detailed instructions on how to use Generative Fill.