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  • btc = $67 058.00 -3 420.22 (-4.85 %)

  • eth = $3 223.82 - 298.63 (-8.48 %)

  • ton = $6.45 -0.77 (-10.67 %)

14 Jun, 2022
5 min time to read

The editorial team of Durov's Code tested the Volkswagen ID.6 and is ready to tell you why it's time to buy an electric car.

Dubai is developing at a rapid pace. There are more and more electric cars on the city streets, which, even in extreme heat, show increased comfort and convenience both for the driver and passengers. We decided to test these theses and put together for you the top 5 reasons why your next car in the garage should be electric.

You can charge everywhere and almost always for free

We often hear from owners of combustion engine cars that electric cars are hard to find and take a long time to charge. We have tested chargers in Dubai and came to some comforting conclusions. First of all, there are really a lot of them. Almost every parking lot has a fast charger or at least a plug from which you can charge your car at a slower pace.

To give you an example, our hotel had a sufficiently spacious parking lot where we found a spot with a regular plug that would charge the car overnight. One full charge is generally enough for ID.6 to go for about 600 km. But there are several parking lots nearby which already have a fast charger.

Secondly, almost all the chargers are free. In the hotels and shopping malls where we tested, no one asked us to pay. However, it is better to check the conditions everywhere. In some places, parking is limited to a few free hours, and then you will need to pay anyway. You can check the availability of charges on the PlugShare website.

At the same time, if you have a villa, no one prevents you from charging the car yourself by equipping your own spot. Electricity is almost always cheaper than fuel.

Against the backdrop of rising gasoline prices and queues, switching to an electric car is now seen as a good solution to the logistical problem in Dubai.

Maintenance that doesn't stress you out

The climate in Dubai is quite peculiar. Because of the large amount of sand and high temperatures, combustion engine cars are subject to maintenance here more often than usual. Approximately every 5,000 km you have to change the oil in the engine, as well as all the filters. Given global production stoppages, global logistical and economic problems, it is now becoming much more difficult and expensive to do so.

On the other hand, an electric car does not need any of these manipulations. You have to do maintenance once a year or maybe even less often. Mostly, it is changing air filters and brake pads. Unlike combustion engine cars, electric ones can also brake "with the engine", while using the generated energy for recuperation, namely charging the car.

Air conditioning is available straight away

Dubai is a hot city. Especially in the summer season. The outside temperature can easily go over +40° and it's certainly almost impossible to drive here without ventilation and air conditioning systems. Most cars coming to Dubai are equipped with special reinforced air conditioning systems, but in our experience, even they don't do not even begin to work effectively from the moment the car is started. After switching on the ignition of a combustion engine, it takes a while for the car to cool you down with fresh air currents.

But unlike them, electric cars are ready to cool you down almost immediately. The ID6, which we tested for a couple of days, instantly coped with this task . It has to be said that we tested the car designed for the Chinese market. It had no special air conditioning system, but had a full climate control, which also had a heater (if you, of course, suddenly get cold in Dubai).

Transport of the future for the city of the future

If you've been to Dubai, you can't help but feel the atmosphere of the future - from the impossibly tall buildings to the driverless subway. Living in Dubai means being several years ahead of the technological development. And, of course, electric cars help you immerse in this atmosphere even more.

First of all, almost all electric cars get a new design code. In ID.6, for example, you'll see a bunch of LED car animations, as well as a huge display inside. Coupled with the interior lighting, the entire light show gets you straight to the year 2030.

Secondly, most electric cars are already equipped with all the "smart" features that are not available on all sets of gasoline cars. We are talking about a whole range of assistants: lane assist, adaptive cruise control, and an autopilot. Do you want to know the car's charge from the comfort of your home? You can easily find out all the data right on your phone. These and other benefits take you into the future today.

ESG agenda and zero emissions

Of course, the very first reason to buy an electric car should be your carbon awareness. Combustion engine cars release a huge number of emissions into the environment, which directly affect the world in which you and I live.

We're not just talking about the CO2 that is produced when the engine is running. We're talking about all the waste that a car generates. From engine oil to brake system dross. Buying an electric car is first and foremost - a contribution to the world, as well as the entire new car industry with its own philosophy.

Of course, there are several things to consider. First, electricity in the UAE is largely produced by burning oil and gas products. Secondly, there is an open issue of production and disposal of electric car batteries. Although the opening of a nuclear power plant in the UAE in the near future will remove the electricity barrier, the recycling and production issue is still on the table. And its solution primarily depends on the demand for electric cars and investments in this industry.

Given the global economic crisis, queues at gas stations and lots of money spent on servicing combustion engine cars - electric cars can enter this competition.