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  • btc = $66 611.00 1 276.42 (1.95 %)

  • eth = $3 494.29 39.29 (1.14 %)

  • ton = $7.32 -0.00 (-0.07 %)

1 Jul, 2024
2 min time to read

Telegram has rolled out a major update introducing new features like the Mini App Bar, monetization options for content creators, and enhanced search capabilities for Stories.

Mini App Bar

Users can now minimize mini apps into a bar at the bottom of the screen, allowing for multitasking without reloading apps.

To minimize, swipe down on the app's header, and tap the app bar to reopen.

Paid Media with Telegram Stars

Content creators can now monetize their channels by accepting Telegram Stars for paid photos or videos. Subscribers pay to unlock these posts.

Search Stories by Hashtag and Location

Users can now search Stories using hashtags and location tags, making it easier to discover relevant content and connect with new audiences.

Link Widget in Stories

Premium users can add stylish link previews to their Stories, with customizable link names and backgrounds.

Rewards for Content Creators and Developers

Telegram Stars can now be redeemed for rewards in Toncoin or used to purchase Telegram Ads at a discounted rate, providing new monetization avenues for creators.

If your channel or bot has Stars in its balance, you can withdraw them as a Toncoin reward via Fragment. Toncoins are the main currency on The Open Network – the world's fastest blockchain. You can easily exchange them for any other cryptocurrency.

This update aims to enhance user interaction, support content creators, and improve the overall Telegram experience.

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