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  • btc = $69 660.00 3 297.61 (4.97 %)

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22 Apr, 2022
2 min time to read

The author of this article is George Lobushkin.  

Attentive Telegram users know that the latest update has made a quiet revolution, not only within the messenger, but in the network as a whole. But so far, no one has really noticed it. Just for now.

Of course, I'm talking about new possibilities for creating bots. You may say, "So what? There have always been bots in Telegram. But here's the thing: from 2015 to April 2022, although bots could accomplish many tasks, the interface resembled, at best, a text quest from the 1980s. Now it's a full-fledged app store, or, if you like, a metaverse.

This innovation allows you to create JavaScript interfaces. And this means that you can make entire mobile applications, sites, games inside the messenger – you are limited only by your imagination (and your coders). This is a game changer.

The demo bot @DurgerKingBot, made by the messenger team, is already demonstrating the functionality of a conditional Glovo (not to offend players in the Russian market). And this is just the beginning: in one step Sber and Alfa banks will make their own bots to replace remote mobile applications; in two steps Epic will make a casual game based on them, and in three steps we will have no reason to leave Telegram at all. Bots can satisfy any need for business, services, and media.

I contacted Alexander Kors, the creator of Botmaker, who I had interviewed for my channel late last year. And using the example of his Botmaker, he showed me how one can use such bots.

Alexander comments:

‘We perform our activity exclusively on Telegram. This strategy has been and will remain correct.

Long before the web interface implementation, we started creating chatbots for different businesses, which attracted, returned and improved the quality of service for their customers. Now we will implement web interface into our developments. By the way, our service is already ready to give off-the-shelf solutions for different niches. Thus, we will provide businesses with an effective tool.

With the advent of the web interface, chatbots will become a complete substitute for applications and will most likely become the main tool for communicating with users.

Pavel Durov has never been so close to creating, in fact, a third, alternative ecosystem based on Telegram's principles of freedom, openness, convenience, and simplicity. At the heart of this ecosystem, as now, will be messaging, but around it various services and capabilities based on new bots here and there will emerge. And with a seamless transition from smartphone to desktop and from app to web.

And that's a whole new scenario of using a smartphone and a PC. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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