8 Feb, 2023
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This service is available exclusively to paid users.

The idea of love being a scam is a debatable notion. However, Tinder has announced the launch of an Incognito Mode for its paid users. This feature will only display your profile to potential matches if you have already swiped right on them. The new mode was introduced along with several other safety improvements to the dating app.

The reality of dating is that you can only meet someone if you are visible on the platform. However, this can be a daunting prospect for many people, particularly introverts, those with anxiety, women, or those who have a rational fear of exposure.

Tinder's new Incognito Mode offers a solution to an unpleasant dating experience by allowing users to hide from everyone except those they've approved. Once a profile is liked, users will appear in the carousel of potential matches presented to them, providing a chance for mutual interest.

However, it is up to the user to actively like profiles and not just wait for matches. Incognito Mode is available only to those with Tinder+ Gold or Premium subscriptions.

In addition, all users now have access to a new safety feature allowing them to block profiles without matching first. This eliminates the need to report or input contact details before blocking someone and reduces the repetitive process of rejecting the same profiles. It also avoids the discomfort of repeatedly seeing profiles of people you'd rather not match with, such as a persistent relative.

Tinder has introduced a new feature called long press reporting, which makes it simple to report instances of harassment, hate speech, or any other offensive message that goes against the app's Community Guidelines. To use this feature, simply tap and hold the message you wish to report. With this change, Tinder hopes to encourage more users to report such incidents. In addition, Tinder is enhancing its "Does This Bother You?" and "Are You Sure?" features by including more types of content that are considered inappropriate, including hate speech, sexual exploitation, and harassment.