20 Aug, 2022
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The latest Cisco Hybrid Work Report shows that the hybrid work format in UAE companies has improved employee performance in several areas.

The study found that almost 90 per cent of respondents want to work in either a hybrid or fully remote model. This result is in line with the global trend, which shows that just over 91 per cent of international respondents agreed with the same question.

The Cisco Hybrid Work Report focuses on the impact of digitalization and hybrid work on productivity, productivity, quality of work, new skills and growth. The study also touches on the impact of the hybrid workplace on well-being and work readiness across a range of employer and employee factors, such as company culture, technology and cybersecurity, as well as financial, physical, mental well-being and more.

67% of respondents said their quality of work has improved because of the hybrid work format, and two-thirds of respondents said their productivity levels have improved.

68% said they have become more proficient in their job, and 86% said having time to learn new skills has helped them grow and succeed in their role.

Because of the pandemic, organisations have been able to adapt to the new work environment. More than 79% of employees believe their work is no longer dependent on being in the office.

Employers are also more likely to allow employees to work in a format they are comfortable with, providing the right technology to work remotely.

The study involved 1,050 employees across the UAE.