How to Sell Your Telegram Username?
How to Sell Your Telegram Username?

How to Sell Your Telegram Username?

13 november, 20222 minutes to read
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Fragment allows you to buy and sell Telegram usernames through auctions. On November 9, it enabled users to sell usernames, as well as channel and group names.

We describe how to buy names that can be used for Telegram accounts, groups, and channels on Fragment in a separate article. There we also explained how to buy TON and create a Tonkeeper wallet.

How to Buy Telegram Username on Fragment?
We tell you how to purchase a username: from buying Toncoins to bidding.

In this article we briefly and clearly explain how you can start a username auction.

  • Go to Fragment and authorise via Telegram using the "Connect Telegram" button;
  • Then connect your Tonkeeper wallet by clicking on the "Connect TON" button;
  • Go to your account in Fragment in the upper right corner of the website and click on "My usernames";
  • Under "Non-Collectible Usernames" you will see all your usernames - both your account nickname and the names of your groups and channels;
  • Select the username you want to put up for auction and click "Place on Auction";
  • You will be redirected to the official Fragment Auction Alerts bot in Telegram;
  • Read the terms and conditions and, if you agree, click on the "Confirm" button;
  • To confirm the action, go through two-step authentication (if available);
  • Go back to the Fragment website and in the "Auction Your Username" window that opens, make an initial bid of at least 10 TON.
If someone outbids you, you will receive 95% of the highest bid of the week, plus your full bid. If no one outbids you, you will get back 95% of your bet, but a commission of 5 TON will be deducted.
13 november, 2022
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