7 Dec, 2022
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For verification, the user will be asked to upload a video of their face.

Meta is going to start checking the age of Facebook Dating users using AI. This was reported on the company's website. To do this, the developers announced the expansion of cooperation with the Yoti — age verification service.

The company is going to verify the age of the user in cases where it suspects the client of providing false information about themselves. Although Meta didn't reveal details about verifying the reliability of the original information, the company previously claimed that it can monitor Facebook comments because friends often mention the real age of the author. Developers are already testing a similar feature on Instagram.

If it turns out that the user had lied about their age, the company will require to provide proof of the age in one of two ways. The user can choose to take a video selfie where they record their face. Then a still image from the video is shared with Yoti for age verification and AI estimates a user’s age based on facial features. Afterward, the image is deleted. Or, if the user prefers, they can choose to verify their age by uploading their ID to Facebook. Users can manage how long their ID info is stored, notes the company.

We're committed to making sure people have age-appropriate experiences across our technologies, and as part of this work, we've been testing age verification tools and using age detection technology to stop people under the age of 18 from accessing experiences meant for adults

Meta says its age verification tools on Instagram have already had an impact. This resulted in “hundreds of thousands” of users being placed in their appropriate age groups. It claims to have stopped 96% of teens who tried to change their age to over 18 using these tools. And 81% opted for Yoti’s video selfie to complete the process.