29 Aug, 2022
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UAE-based Galaxy Racer (GXR), a media company focused on esports, content creation, music and sports, and Empire, a global independent label, distributor and publisher, have introduced GXR Records, an independent music label.

The new music label will focus on developing artists across West Asia and North Africa (WANA), with plans to expand its presence in the region and host its own music festival.

GXR Records will leverage Empire's experience in developing new Galaxy Racer artists. The label has already signed several music stars from WANA, including Freek, Noel Kharman, Dyler, Hanody Awesome and Noor Stars.

The music label recently held a live concert on Twitch and YouTube, featuring Noel Harman, Dyler, Frick, Hanody Awesome 1, Kaehla, Casa Vince and special guest The Synaptik.

The label will be cross-promoting artists and securing collaborations within the label.

Elia Mssawir, head of label at GXR Records, said:

I'm thrilled for the opportunity to lead this label and steer it towards its full potential. There is an incredible pool of talent here in MENA and also Asia that I'm excited to develop, as well as to give our artists a truly global platform. I plan to evolve GXR Records towards the future in this momentous time in our region's music industry.