8 Jul, 2022
1 min time to read

Netflix has announced a partnership with Sennheiser to create new spatial audio that will be available for Netflix's content catalogue.

Sennheiser AMBEO technology will allow spatial audio to be used on all devices (including Apple devices) that don't normally support it. It's worth saying that this technology is in no way related to Apple's spatial audio. The new feature is aimed specifically at those who don't have devices that support the spatial audio feature.

Netflix claims that the spatial audio will turn on automatically when watching a compatible TV show or movie, even for those users who don't have surround sound speakers or devices that work with traditional spatial audio features.

According to Netflix, spatial audio is distributed throughout Netflix's content catalogue. Users can find shows and movies that support spatial audio by entering the word "spatial audio" in the search bar.

Spatial audio is a feature that provides the cinematic sound of the film, video or TV show you are watching, offering sound as if the sound is coming from all around you.