TON Diamonds Auction House Inauguration
TON Diamonds Auction House Inauguration

TON Diamonds Auction House Inauguration

15 october, 20222 minutes to read
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The TON NFT Exhibition, which took place in the immersive gallery Art in Space in Dubai on October 14, witnessed the launch of the first NFT auction house on TON.

The Dubai TON NFT Exhibition introduced the TON Diamonds marketplace. The event has kickstarted the development of one-time auctions on the TON Diamonds marketplace.

The auction house launch is a momentous event in the world of NFT on TON, thanks to which The Open Network blockchain will appeal to more digital artists and their fans,

TON Diamonds NFT announced in its Telegram channel.

In the recent years, many classic auction houses like Christie's and Sotheby's have fully embraced NFT. TON Diamonds auction house kickstart the prosperity of cryptoart on TON.

The auction house has put up NFT works by renowned artists with global enjoying global popularity, such as Pokras Lampas and Ellen Scheidlin. Recently, Pokras Lampas has announced he would put up his works at the TON Diamonds auction house. Pokras Lampas works with his own alphabet based on the writing systems from different world cultures, creating calligrafuturism, the calligraphy of the future.

Ellen Sheidlin, who has recently talked to Durov's Code, is a renowned artist, creates paintings, photographs, sculptures and installations. She has created projects for some of the world's biggest brands. In the interview in June, she told us she was plamning to launch the first NFT collection on TON. So, here we are.

The event was also attended by prominent Russian rapper SLAVA MARLOW and a popular TikTok blogger Dina Sayeva.

With the launch of the TON Diamonds auction house, media artists will be able to put up their solo pieces for sale in the form of NFTs, and auction participants with the highest bids are guaranteed to receive the desired artwork,

TON Diamonds announced.

15 october, 2022
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