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20 Mar, 2024
9 min time to read

Today, we have the privilege of engaging in dialogue with Women First Jobs, a pioneering force in reshaping the landscape of women's professional empowerment in the UAE. In this exclusive interview, we'll explore their innovative approaches, collaborative initiatives, and their vision for a future where gender equality thrives.

Join us as we unravel their visionary strategies, delve into their collaborative endeavors, and strive to uncover the answer to one burning question: How will Women First Jobs pave the way for a future where every woman can thrive?

— Can you elaborate on the specific challenges women face in the UAE job market, and how Women First Jobs aims to address them?

In the UAE job market, women face a multitude of obstacles, from cultural biases to juggling family responsibilities alongside their professional aspirations. Reentering the workforce after career breaks, particularly due to maternity or caregiving duties, poses significant challenges.

Women First Jobs is here to address these hurdles head-on by providing tailored support and opportunities for women at every stage of their career journey. Our platform offers diverse job listings and mentorship programs designed to empower women with the skills, resources, and networks necessary to thrive in the job market. We prioritize initiatives that advocate for gender equality, foster inclusive hiring practices, and bridge the gap between talented women and forward-thinking employers. Through strategic partnerships, mentorship programs, and advocacy efforts, Women First Jobs is committed to creating a more equitable and inclusive job market in the UAE.

Our goal is clear: to ensure that women have equal opportunities to pursue their professional goals and make meaningful contributions to the workforce. By amplifying women's voices and talents, we're driving positive change and building a more diverse and prosperous society for everyone.

— How does Women First Jobs ensure equal pay and opportunities for women in the workforce, in alignment with the UAE Gender Balance Council's initiatives?

We actively push for fair compensation practices among our partner organizations, advocating for transparent salary structures and gender-neutral recruitment processes. Through our platform, we encourage employers to embrace unbiased hiring and promotion methods to eliminate wage disparities.

Additionally, our team empowers women with negotiation skills through workshops and resources, ensuring they can confidently advocate for equitable compensation. By collaborating with companies, we implement diversity training programs to foster a culture of fairness and meritocracy in the workplace. Aligned with the UAE Gender Balance Council's objectives, we advocate for policies that promote gender equality and initiatives to support women's career advancement.

— Could you provide examples of how Women First Jobs promotes recruitment and advancement for women, particularly in senior leadership roles?

Women First Jobs is on a mission to elevate women into senior leadership roles, employing dynamic strategies to turn that vision into reality. Our approach starts with robust mentorship programs, where seasoned professionals offer invaluable guidance and career insights to aspiring women leaders.

We understand that leadership isn't just about knowledge—it's about skills. That's why we organize specialized workshops and training sessions honing in on the crucial abilities needed for senior positions. From mastering strategic thinking to making decisive choices and exuding executive presence, these sessions equip women with the tools they need to thrive at the top. Networking is key, too. We host vibrant events that bring together women leaders and industry experts, fostering opportunities for valuable connections and mentorship, essential for career progression.

Beyond individual empowerment, we're catalysts for systemic change. We advocate for gender diversity and inclusivity in the workplace, urging companies to adopt forward-thinking policies that elevate women into senior leadership roles. Through collaboration with organizations, we're shaping strategies to attract, retain, and propel women's talent forward.

— What strategies does Women First Jobs employ to incorporate a gender balance perspective into company policies and programs, fostering an inclusive work environment?

At Women First Jobs, we're dedicated to cultivating an inclusive work environment by integrating a gender balance perspective into our policies and programs. One pivotal strategy involves adopting inclusive hiring practices that prioritize diversity and gender balance during candidate selection. We actively advocate for regular training sessions to raise awareness about unconscious bias and foster gender sensitivity in the workplace.

Moreover, our mentorship programs and leadership development initiatives are tailored to empower women, equipping them with the necessary skills and resources to thrive in their careers. By embedding these strategies into our organizational culture, we aim to foster a workplace where every individual feels valued, respected, and supported, regardless of gender.

— Can you discuss the impact of Women First Jobs on the localization efforts in the UAE and Saudi Arabia?

Women First Jobs plays a pivotal role in supporting localization efforts in the UAE and Saudi Arabia by promoting diversity and inclusion in the workforce. Through our platform, we facilitate the placement of talented individuals, including Emiratis and Saudis, into various job roles, thereby contributing to the goals of Emiratization and Saudization.

By connecting local talent with employment opportunities and providing them with the necessary support and resources, we help strengthen the local workforce and reduce reliance on expatriate labor. Additionally, our initiatives to empower women in the workplace align with broader societal goals of gender equality and women's empowerment, further enhancing the localization efforts in these countries.

— How does Women First Jobs support women returning to the workforce after maternity breaks or career hiatuses?

Our platform offers tailored opportunities and specialized programs designed specifically for women reentering the workforce. These include mentorship programs, skill-building workshops, and networking opportunities, all geared towards empowering women and equipping them with the necessary tools to relaunch their careers successfully.

Also, we work closely with companies to advocate for policies and practices that promote work-life balance, flexible schedules, and family-friendly policies, ensuring that returning women feel valued and supported as they embark on their professional journeys.

— What measures does Women First Jobs take to ensure that corporate returnship programs are effective and supportive for women transitioning back into the workforce?

Firstly, through close collaboration with companies, we customize these programs to suit the individual circumstances of returning women, offering flexible work arrangements such as part-time or remote options to ease their transition. Secondly, we provide comprehensive training and mentorship opportunities, helping returning women update their skills, regain confidence, and navigate workplace changes effectively.

Additionally, we advocate for inclusive company cultures that prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion, creating an environment where returning women feel respected and empowered to excel in their careers. Through these initiatives, we aim to make returnship programs a valuable and empowering pathway for women returning to work after career breaks.

— In what ways does Women First Jobs collaborate with NGOs to support women's and children's development globally?

Women First Jobs is deeply committed to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and has partnered with NGOs globally to support women's and children's development through various initiatives. Collaborating with organizations focused on education, healthcare, and economic empowerment, we provide resources and opportunities to those in need. A portion of our proceeds from every successful transaction goes towards supporting these causes.

Our past initiatives have included organizing school drives to supply essential items to underprivileged children and participating in donation drives at labor camps to assist marginalized communities. Moreover, we extend invitations to our clients to join us in person for these CSR activities, encouraging them to actively contribute to positive societal impact. Through these partnerships and hands-on philanthropic efforts, our team aims to create meaningful change and empower communities worldwide.

— How does Women First Jobs measure the success and impact of its placements beyond just fulfilling corporate recruitment needs?

At Women First Jobs, we assess the success and impact of our placements comprehensively, extending beyond corporate recruitment needs. We maintain open communication with both candidates and hiring companies to gather feedback on placement experiences and outcomes, allowing us to refine our matchmaking process.

Additionally, we track key performance indicators (KPIs) like career progression and job satisfaction to understand the long-term effects of our placements. Our evaluations also include periodic assessments of socio-economic empowerment, such as income growth and skill development, highlighting our commitment to sustainable empowerment and advancement of individuals and communities.

— How does Women First Jobs ensure transparency in reporting gender balance achievements to the UAE Gender Balance Council and other stakeholders?

Our commitment to transparency underscores our communication ethos, where we provide detailed reports on our gender balance achievements. We've established clear guidelines for data collection, analysis, and reporting, ensuring accuracy and accountability. Regular reviews of our recruitment practices and pay equity measures help identify areas for enhancement.

Our team actively engages with stakeholders, welcoming their feedback to improve our reporting practices. We aim to maintain the highest standards of integrity and credibility in our efforts to advance gender balance in the workforce.

— What are the main challenges Women First Jobs faces in its mission to empower women in the UAE and beyond, and how does it overcome them?

In our mission to empower women in the UAE and beyond, Women First Jobs has faced significant challenges. Initially, effectively communicating our vision and mission proved difficult due to cultural norms and gender biases. To overcome this, we strategically aligned our objectives with the UAE Gender Balance Index, showcasing our commitment to gender equality and national priorities like Emiratization and Saudization efforts.

Moreover, we engage in corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities, directing proceeds towards initiatives supporting women's and children's development globally. Despite these hurdles, Women First Jobs has become a trusted advocate for women's empowerment in the workforce. Our alignment with the Gender Balance Index and focus on initiatives like Emiratization, Saudization, and CSR guide our efforts to foster a more inclusive society.

— Could you elaborate on Women First Jobs' approach to mentorship and training for women, particularly those reentering the workforce after career breaks?

At Women First Jobs, we take a personalized approach to mentorship and training, particularly for women returning to work after career breaks. Our mentorship initiatives pair experienced professionals with women seeking to reestablish their careers. These mentors offer personalized guidance and insights based on their own professional experiences, helping mentees navigate the complexities of returning to work with confidence.

In addition to mentorship, we offer comprehensive training programs covering resume writing, interview preparation, and industry-specific skills. These programs are designed to equip women with the necessary tools to succeed in today's competitive job market.

By combining mentorship and training, we empower women to not only reenter the workforce but also thrive and advance in their careers. Our holistic approach reflects our commitment to providing tailored support to women at every stage of their professional journey.

— How does Women First Jobs collaborate with government agencies and other organizations to advance its mission of women empowerment and gender balance?

Women First Jobs partners with a diverse range of organizations to advance its mission of women's empowerment and gender balance. While direct collaboration with government agencies hasn't yet occurred, we actively engage with NGOs, corporate partners, and industry professionals to drive positive change. Through NGO partnerships, we leverage their expertise and networks to support women's and children's development initiatives. Collaborating with corporate partners enables tailored recruitment and training programs to promote gender diversity in the workforce.

Additionally, we offer mentorship and training opportunities for women, preparing them for successful careers across various sectors. By working closely with industry professionals, we ensure the relevance and effectiveness of our initiatives. These collaborations amplify our efforts, driving meaningful change in the communities we serve. While exploring collaboration with government agencies, our existing partnerships enable tangible strides in advancing women's empowerment and gender balance.

— What are the future plans and goals for Women First Jobs in terms of expanding its impact and reaching more women globally?

We're gearing up to deepen our engagement in key markets while venturing into new regions where women empowerment initiatives are crucial. Our approach involves tailoring our services to address the specific challenges faced by women in each location, ensuring that our impact is both relevant and meaningful.

We're also doubling down on our efforts to reach women in underserved communities and remote areas. By leveraging technology and forming strategic partnerships, we're making sure that our services are accessible to all women, regardless of their circumstances.

Furthermore, we're rolling out specialized skill development programs across various industries, from technology to healthcare, equipping women with the tools they need to succeed in their careers. And of course, advocating for policies that promote gender equality remains a top priority for us. We're collaborating with policymakers and industry leaders to drive meaningful change and create more inclusive environments where women can thrive.