Dodo pizza and Drinkit opened the first joint unit at Dubai Marina
Dodo pizza and Drinkit opened the first joint unit at Dubai Marina

Dodo pizza and Drinkit opened the first joint unit at Dubai Marina

17 january, 20233 minutes to read
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We visited the long-awaited launch of the unit and now are ready to share our impressions and exclusive photos.

In one place at one time Dodo Brands launched up their first joint unit in Dubai, UAE — Dodo pizza and Drinkit coffee shop. The unit opened its doors at Marina Gate Residences, 1.

Get a welcome drink for 1 AED via Drinkit app.

Dodo’s digital-first coffee shop Drinkit has a well-designed app with a large variety of coffee, tea and iced drinks. The app enables every customer to choose, customize and order drinks in just several clicks. There is no need to wait in the line and explain your preferences to the barista. Ekaterina Borodich, СЕО Drinkit Dubai, explained:

A distinctive feature of Drinkit is its processability. In the application, you can customize the taste of coffee as desired: choose the temperature, toppings, type of coffee and milk. You can order it in advance, and then pick it up from the smart issue. In the new coffee shop, we focused on specialty coffee — filter and V60, our signature drinks and the famous cheese crema.

Dodo Pizza Chef has developed a new menu specifically for Dubai, inspired by the tastes of different cultures.

The Dodo pizzerias process the orders via app, website, contact center and right at the spot. Dodo makes it easy to order, track and get the pizza you like.

Dodo Brands leverage all the advantages of mobile technology to serve their customers the best possible way.

In 2011, Fyodor Ovchinnikov launched Dodo Pizza with less than $50,000 in savings and loans. Without any backing from venture capitalists or major financial groups, the Dodo team grew the brand from one tiny pizza delivery in a windowless basement to hundreds of pizza stores in less than 10 years.

Dodo brands are entering the scaling phase and are working on their international expansion. There are 883 company-owned and franchised units in 17 countries and the scale keeps growing.

17 january, 2023
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