Apple Prepares to Become Major Force in the Healthcare World
Apple Prepares to Become Major Force in the Healthcare World

Apple Prepares to Become Major Force in the Healthcare World

20 july, 20222 minutes to read
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Apple published a 59-page report summarising all of its existing health features and partnerships with medical institutions, and suggesting healthcare is key to the tech giant’s future.

Currently, Apple provides a wide range of healthcare services, ranging from sleep monitoring and fitness classes to atrial-fibrillation detection and cycle tracking. COO Jeff Williams, who oversees Apple’s health programs, said in a statement attached to the report that the company will continue to innovate in “science-based technology.”

The health innovations we’ve pioneered have aimed to help break down barriers between users and their own everyday health data, between health-care providers and patients, and between researchers and study participants,

Williams said.

Apple's rivals in the tech market such as Amazon and Google have also been expanding their services into healthcare.

For a long time, Apple's top product in the healthcare field has been Apple Watch, even though it has been many times criticized for not getting novel health features as quickly as competitors’ products. In its turn, Apple argues that Apple Watch is a pioneer in health technology and will become a growth driver in the years ahead.

Already, fitness features are a major selling point for the Apple Watch. According to Bloomberg, this year, the company also plans to add new features related to women’s health and body-temperature monitoring as part of a new lineup.

Previously, we reported that Apple plans to introduce a whole set of new products this autumn.

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20 july, 2022
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